Why Video must be part of the 2017 budgets?

We’ve known that video is the king of content for a long time.  There’s no denying that video is much more fascinating and if a picture is worth a thousand words then a video is like actually being there and getting a first-hand experience.  

With every passing year, we realise that video is more central and crucial to our content marketing strategy and agencies proclaim it as the most effective mechanism to capture and retain the audience.  This is seen in two main areas both in the content and when executing advertising campaigns. 
Videos are a great way of speaking about the brands.  Video conveys meaning via both sound and vision. 

This is the magic of video because makes branding easier by helping the brand materialise and giving it muscle.  Definition of the brand can be easier to do via a video because more than one of the senses is engaged. Abstract ideas are easier to explain. This is why big brands have set up YouTube channels where they regularly post videos that represent the values of the brand to the viewers.  

Seeing that it can bring in the essence of the brand in a seemingly effortless manner, video has reached the top of the echelons for the tools most coveted by savvy marketers.  Online there is no issue about the length of the video that is uploaded (as long as your audience wants to watch it).

Video consumption is constantly on the rise because anyone with a smart device has the possibility of watching mobile on a variety of platforms. From Facebook to YouTube (and any other platform), as part of the content or in the form of adverts, the figures show that people will eagerly watch video on their smart devices. 

The other side of video consumption is video creation.  Video creation can be somewhat more elaborate as one needs to navigate both the sound and vision aspect.  However, modern tools and Apps are turning the exercise simpler.  In fact, we have seen that many brands have taken in their stride aspects like live streaming on social media and turned it into a regular event.  

Speaking of social media the statistics indicate that people will indeed stop on video posts so essentially we know that there is a thirst for this medium.   For example, the great Martha Stewart has been live streaming cooking sessions via Facebook and hopes that this channel starts to generate revenue as Facebook live-streaming is cheaper and easier than traditional TV shows.

If video is to be part of 2017 strategy, then there are several points to note. When posting a video, one needs to be aware of different aspects. Apart from the branding embedded within the video content, one also needs to question if the video leads to and points to the solicited path or action that we want our customers to take. Videos can feature different material like product reviews, testimonials, exposition of offers, webinars, entertainment or informative material and even exposition of brand values. Seeing that video production can be costly, it is important to plan according to budget, always factoring the positioning of the brand.

Having said that, it is important to be video-savvy. If you already have a library of branded footage, then get cracking and make use of it all in different ways.   If you’re planning some formal shooting, it’s also interesting to shoot the same thing with a smartphone. You can later prepare a series of behind-the-scenes videos from the footage you captured. If you have a lot of budget to splurge on video marketing, consider venturing into virtual reality or 360-degree videos.   

If you don’t have enough budgets for formal video footage, try capturing something yourself.  You can experiment with a variety of Apps that sometimes make up for the lack of expertise. Finally, the sharing of videos on the channels is essential.

As demand for video grows, it stands to reason that the brands that want to be found in the future need to invest in video. Marketers need to catch up and make sure that 2017 is one great learning exercise that is definitely needed for the post-2020 world.

Bio: Elena is a marketing manager at Keen Malta, a leading web development company in Europe. She has been working the in digital marketing arena for the past 9 years and has seen dramatic changes in the past few years.