Improve Grammar in Essay
Improve Grammar in Essay
Sometimes you were said to write but as you all know in writing grammar plays a very important role. As whole meaning of the sentence will depend upon the way you write and structure of the sentence. So you have to first improve your writing skills and find what are the possible problems you are facing in making the structure of the sentence?

To write your essay is must include effective sentences. Yes, it is true even the most skilled writers do grammatical errors in their papers. Because even if , they have learned all the correct grammatical rules but still it is very difficult to write perfect sentences throughout your essay. 

So we recommend you to first make draft of your writing so you minimize your errors and write your essay rich in grammar. So if you are looking to improve your grammar in essay writing there are some tips you can turn yourself into a great writer.

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How to Improve Grammar in Essay Writing

Make an Outline: When you are going to start your essay first of all, it is important to know what you want to say in essay. This also includes separate paragraphs formation which includes introduction, discussions and conclusions and further all of them are connected together.

Avoid Repetition: Essay is all about writing your ideas on a particular topic in words. In your writing if you use same words, it will also lead the reader to turn lazy. So if you want to attract your reader instead of repeating try to use synonyms. You can eliminate them by crossing them out and improve the quality of your paper.

Active Voice: In you schools days in grammar section we are sure that you have done exercises on active voice. So you have to go a little back and reread the active voice rules. Active voice is used when our subject in the sentence performs the action.

Don’t Write Conversational English: The conversational English is that in which people speak casually and in this they also do lots of grammatical mistakes. Grammar is not noticed in speaking because it is very difficult to adhere perfectly rules of usage when speaking. So keep this thing in mind that written English is dialect of the language.

Vary Sentence Length And Type: You must use short sentences to highlight your ideas and longer ones to explain and define them. Similarly keep on varying the sentence type in different formats like simple, compound and complex sentences in your writing.

Use of Conjunctives: If you don’t know about conjunctives you will be lacking behind in the writing skills. Conjunctives are those word such but, and, or are used to join the parts of sentences. So in the complex sentences you can use these words to simplify them.

Use Nouns and Verbs: In your essay you also have to convey your message clearly and for this you have to use specific words to express your meaning.

These few tips can help you out in improving your grammar skills. If you still experience problems, you can start reading grammar books. So we hope like our post this time also comment and share it on social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ with your friends and family members.