Get Wikipedia Backlinks

Getting good backlinks from an authority site is an essential part in SEO strategy also very important to improve your blog traffic. 

Generally, we concentrate only on bookmarking, blog commenting, social media and guest post techniques. But there is an another powerful way to get an authoritative backlink. Yes "Wikipedia"

Wikipedia is one of the most authoritative sites as well as right place to create many backlinks to your website. It has high domain and page authority so that it will create relevant traffic to your website.

It is a powerful white hat technique. You can use the dead links in Wikipedia to create your backlinks.

But getting backlinks from Wikipedia is not easy. Don't worry guys! Today, I am going to tell you an effective way to get backlinks from Wikipedia.

Even though it gives "No Follow" links to your website, results have a high effect on the search engine rankings.

How Do We Get Backlinks From Wikipedia?

Generally, I have used 2 methods to find dead links in Wikipedia. 

        (a) First one is, using search queries.

    Keyword + "dead link"

Wiki Dead Link Search
Wiki Dead Link Search

         (b) Second one is, using wiki grabber tool.

Wiki Grabber Tool
Wiki Grabber Tool

One thing you should remember before going to start is Do Not Spam Wikipedia with links.

Steps To Do:

1. Go to Wiki Grabber and use your keywords to search.

2. In results, choose dead links option and select wiki links.

Dead links in Wikigrabber
Dead links in Wikigrabber

3. Once you found the post related to your keyword the search for dead links on that post.

Dead links in Wikipedia
Dead Links in Wikipedia

4. After finding dead links, make note of that URL and enter it into the Way Back Machine.

Way Back Machine
Way Back Machine

5. It will give you the list of cached dates of that page. So you can find what is the content of that page before it becomes broken link.

Cache Report
Cache Report of Way Back Machine

6. Copy that content and recreate on your site.

7. Now Go to Wikipedia and create an account. 


8. Choose an edit option and find the dead link you have noticed then replace the dead link with yours as shown in below.

Edit Dead Links
Edit Dead Links

Now, finally you got a backlink from Wikipedia.

9. It's time to find other websites related to this dead link using powerful backlink tools like Ahrefs and Majestic.

You can get lots of resources to get backlinks from authoritative websites.

Done! Now you may get some ideas about getting Wikipedia backlinks. But before proceeding you should research for dead links thoroughly. And use authoritative and trusted site for recreating the dead link source.

Hope you have enjoyed reading this post! If you want to know more then please check out my blog. I will be answering all of your questions in the comments!