webmaster tool

Webmaster tool analyzes your website and tells how Google bot indexes your site. Very useful tool that help you check and correct your website issues. As its name says it is a collection of tools that is designed for webmasters. It is a powerful tool which helps you perform the following operations:

1. Add Sitemap to your website.
2. Adjust the crawl rate
3. Generate and verify robots.txt file.
4. List the number of internal and external pages
5. List the search queries of your website

If you interconnect the webmaster tool with your Google analytics, the results will be even better. But you should verify your website ownership to access your webmaster account.

Apart from these functions, webmaster tool contains lots of resources within it to improve your site performance as well as visibility. 

1. Google Structured Data Testing Tool:

All search engines use structured data to enhance the way of displaying its results. 

Google Structured Data Testing Tool will help you validate your structured data source code. 

You can check and correct the issues of your HTML source code easily. 

It supports markup in the JSON-LD syntax, including dynamic HTML pages.

structured data testing tool

2. Structured Data Markup Helper:

This tool will help you design structured data for your website. 

1. Sign in to your Google account and open the tool.

2. Choose for what resource you need a markup. Example, choose Email or a Website

3. Select what kind of data type you need. It is like a category of your webpage and you have ten choices.
                     1. Articles
                     2. Book Reviews
                     3. Events
                     4. Local Businesses
                     5. Movies
                     6. Products
                     7. Restaurants
                     8. Software Applications
                     9. TV Episodes
                     10. TV Episodes with Ratings

4. Enter your webpage URL.

step 3

5. Fill your Data Items and you can add extra features by using "add missing tags" option.

step 5

6. Create yout HTML code and download it.

step 6

7. Done! Now you can check this.

3. Email Markup Tester:

If you bought anything via online shopping sites, the sites repeatedly send mails to your inbox about their specials and coupons with an attractive call to action.

Email markup is adding a call to action to make people take action on your emails easily and quickly. 

You can create a structured data for emails by using the same steps mentioned above. Only change is you have to select email markup in the second step.

4. Google My Business:

It is the best method for local businesses to improve their authority, brand and availability on Google.

Create an account with Google and create a google+ profile. Based on your service or product create a business page and don't forget to verify your business.

It helps your customers to find and engage with your business.

my business

5. Google Merchant Center:

It allows merchants to add their products to Google and make it available on Google shopping, Google Product Ads, and Google Commerce Search. So that the buyers can find your products 

on Google easily.

It is a very powerful method to attract potential buyers. 

How to set up your account with the Google Merchant Center:

      (a) Verify that your products comply with Google Merchant Center's specifications

      (b) Upload a feed of your products to start listing them.

      (c) Set up your product listing ads.(Paid Version)

      (d) Now you are ready for advertising your products.

6. Page Speed Insights:

It analyzes your website's front end performance for both mobile and desktop and rate it on a scale of 0 to 100

Also, it provides optimization tips to improve your website speed and performance.

Page speed
7. Custom Search Engine(CSE):

It helps you create your own attractive Google powered customized search engine for your websites.

You can select a template and configure it as you want. 

Get the snippet code and add it to your website to experience your own CSE.

It is a new feature in webmaster tool which will give a greater search experience for your visitor. 

Once you have created, you can manage your CSE in webmaster tools itself.


8. Google Domains:

A Lot of places available on the web to register a domain, but now Google also started to offer domain names. 

Google offers domains like ".com", ".org", or ".company" at a price per year. Also, you can add up to 100 sub domains.

After getting your domain, the domain management tool will help you configure your records.

google domain
9. Webmaster Academy:

To get a success in your business, you need to bring it online. But many business owners don't know how to run a successful online business. 

No worries! This webmaster academy will teach you how to design a website for your business and how to enhance its presence on Google search results.

For example, it tells how the Google Search Engine Works, and how to use webmaster tools to improve your website's performance.

webmaster academy

Hope, you understand the concept of webmaster tools and resources. Use your webmaster account efficiently and start to engage with your audience and improve your business. Good luck guys. Feel free to ask and share your thoughts...