Writing a blog is easy, but it is hard to drive a traffic to that blog. Even though you have valuable content, but no one visits your blog, then there is no use. Here are some tips to attract more visitors to your site.

Improve Blog Traffic
Increase Blog Traffic

SEO Friendly Content:

SEO is a huge platform. Making your blog's content SEO friendly will help your posts visible on search engines. So that the audience can engage with your blog. Know "Create SEO Friendly Blog Posts" and make use of it.

Conduct Keyword Research:

The main part in writing SEO friendly blog is Keyword Research. Long tail keywords and semantic (synonyms) search are going to become viral in this year. Find your audience and target them with the keywords what they really need. Lot of free and paid tools are available to perform a keyword research. You can get the list of free keyword research and analysis tools,

Social Sharing:

Let people know about your posts by sharing that on popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and more. Social networks are great platforms for building a brand, hence maintain a strong profile on that and increase your trust through high quality content sharing and proper hash tags. Also use some most popular social communities like Reddit, Stumbleupon, Pinterest and Tumblr. Create your followers and make your posts popularity. Here, I suggest some tips to "Gain More Karma on Reddit". You can use this for other social networks too.

Use Images, Videos and Info Graphics:

Visual contents are more vital now! Use images, or info graphics related to your niche to improve the engagement of your visitors. You can create your own image or take real photos or create any funny doodle and publish them with a brief description to attract more visitors.

Participate in Q&A and Forum Sites:

This is one of the best ways to engage with your audience. Use popular Q&A sites like Yahoo Answer, Quora, Warriorforum and more. Get backlinks from those sites by asking or answering the questions. Even though some sites are "nofollow" it will help you get positive link juice and great audience.

Guest Blog:

Find other blogs similar to your niche which offer guest blog. This idea helps you earn more readers to your content. Also accept the guest posts of others. It is the best way to spread your brand to new people. You can use social networks to find guest blogging opportunities, because it is tough to convince other bloggers to allow you to post on their sites.

Refer Your Own Posts:

To attract more traffic schedule your blog posts and update regularly. Use appropriate tags and categories and write fresh content. If you want more attention from search engine, don't forget to refer your older posts. Also mention other blogs, If you take any resource from that. 

          Increasing the blog audience is quite difficult and it is a slow process. So never give up! Be relax and implement the above strategies slowly. Promote your blog via email subscriptions and invite readers to leave a comment. Enjoy your blogging, which will impact on your success. Good Luck!