Here we are at the end of 2015! Do you think that the strategies you had used during this year will work in future? Yeah, it is time to change your strategy. Let see how SEO will look like in the next year?

Visual Content:

The content is always viral in Search Engine Optimization. Try to deliver your content in image or video format. Because in the upcoming year your videos will reach much better than ever before. In the future, Google will give priority for video ads in search results.

Mobile Optimization:

A lot of updates in 2015 has made great changes in SEO. The main update of this year is Mobile Geddon which was launched on April 21st. After that you may notice lots of difference in your ranking. But everyone starts to understand the importance of mobile optimization. So now undoubtedly in 2016 also Google will give more priority to mobile optimization. Make your website responsive and mobile friendly to avoid penalty.

Social Sharing:

Definitely you know that the social media are the main resources for google ranking. So there is no change in that. Social content and sharing will get more priority than now, but we can't tell which one is going to be more popular in 2016.

Mobile Apps:

The next priority is going to Apps. Be aware of this. Everyone needs to ensure that they are creating apps for their business with deep links for better ranking. 

Long tail Keywords & Semantic Search:

Focusing on long tail keywords will help you become more popular and pervasive. Semantic search means, the search engine not only show the results for user queries also use synonyms of that query. So Google is going to analyze your keywords more deeply to deliver more information to users. So learn more about your audience and their needs and find more relevant keywords which should be long tail.

           All the above are only predictions based on the updates and news of this year. After the next Penguin update only we can expect many changes. But definitely Mobile and voice search are going to shape the future of SEO. Hope 2016 will be another interesting year.