Reddit is one of the most popular social bookmarking networks where you can get the viral exposure. Your Karma in reddit denotes your profile strength which will increase when you get more up votes and comments for your post. But it is difficult to gain more karma, because there is a big chance to earn down votes too. If you get more down votes, it will lead to lower your karma as well as you may get banned. So, here I have shared some valuable points to gain more karma for your reddit profile. Make use of it !!!

1. Use Free Karma:

Reddit has a sub category named as Free karma which is a place for beginners. In beginning try to submit your links in this subcategory. After getting some karma you can move on the next categories which you love. Share on /r/freekarma

2. Trending:

Every social media have trending topics. Posting a related trending topic is the best way to get more karma easily. Go reddit and choose the "Top" tab to view trending posts. Then search the related news in google and post that in your profile in the same category.

3. Wikipedia:

Sharing Wikipedia articles are a knowledgeable way because it gives a more professional look and add more value to your profile.
Go to Wikipedia and choose an interesting topic and share in /r/TIL

4. Youtube, Gif & Memes:

YouTube is a viral social media now. So select any trending video or funny videos from YouTube and post them in your reddit. Also, you can convert this video as a GIF file by using Gifsoup. Because GIF files are always going viral in reddit. Otherwise create a funny meme or choose a popular one and Pick a funny caption for that. Post these files on /r/pics

5. Use Questions:

Pick your favorite image, video or any GIF file and try to put a title as questions like "What do you think about it?" or "would you live here?". These will help you get more comments in your post.

6. Comment:

Of course commenting on others post always very useful and effective in any social media. But in reddit, commenting on your own post will also very effective. Can't believe? After you have submitted an image or video add a comment in your own post with a brief description. It will help you to get more upvotes.

7. Repost:

It doesn't means repost your older posts. If you love any others post just save that in your system. After a month ago, just post that image with a different title.

          Don't focus your niche only also try to post some common topics, funny images, cats and cute baby images so that your profile can get more strength. Hope, the above hacks will definitely help you get more karma on reddit. Share your thoughts and ideas too...