With the help of Google Custom Search, add a search box to your homepage to help people find what they need on your website. CSE (Custom Search Engine Engine) service offered by Google for Website/Blog. Owners can create your own Custom Search Engine and adding the search box in their websites.  When the users begin searching the relevant topics using the CSE the results are same page that's really helped to reduce bounce rates.

Benefits of Google Custom Search Engine:

1. Get fast and relevant search results.
2. Customize the look of the search results to fit your site's design. You can get your own customized results page based upon your website color combination.
3.  Reduce Bounce Rates (because user spends more time on the site to get specific information)
4. Make money off the ads we show using (using Adsence Publisher ID).

How to Create Google Custom Search Engine for Blogger/Wordpress/Website:

Step 1: Go to Google CSE (Custom Search Engine) Page.

Step 2: Then Press "Create a custom search engine" option.
Step 3: Fill up Site Address then continue.
Creation of Google Custom Search

Step 4: Now you have created a Google CSE.
Google Custom Search Generation

Step 5: Click on Receive code Button.
Receive Google Custom Search Code

Step 7: Ad the respective code in the website / blog which place you really want to add.
Customize Google Custom Search Engine

Step 8: If you want to change the look and feel then click Look Feel option.


Overlay: Display search results in an overlay.
Two page:  Display the search box on one page and the search results on another page in the same window.
Full-width: Display the search box and the search results in one column.
Two column: Display the search box in one area and the search results in another area.
Compact:  Display the search box and the search results in compact form.
Results only:  Use your own search box and display the search results on a page of your site.
Google Hosted:  Display the search box on your web pages and search results in a Google-hosted page.

Themes:  Choose the familiar theme related to your website look.
Customize: Add appropriate color combination on your search box.
Thumbnails: Enable or disable thumbnail images in search results.

Step 8:  Click on save button.

Integrate Adsense with Google Custom Search Engine:

Is your adsence account holder this may avail for you, keep observing the steps to link your advance account with google custom search engine.

Step 1: Logon on Google CSE Account.
Step 2: Select Google CSE of your website.
Step 3: Click on Earn money tab and switch on Search Engine Monetization.

Earn Money with CSE