For every small and locally base business like saloon and restaurant, local optimization is the worthy technique to drive more traffic towards their website and to reach their customer also. To do local optimization, you need to focus on your website appearance. 

Local search results

Identify Local Search Terms: 

Use Google keyword planner or any other similar tools to find local keywords for your business which are attractive search traffic. Based on that optimize your website pages such as about us 7 contact us pages. Include maximum details about your business in those pages like business hours, directions, contact info also menu if your's is a restaurant. And localize your content too.

Local Places:

Adding your business in the famous local directories such as Google places, Yahoo local, and Bing local will help you to get more traffic and builds trust & awareness about your brand among people. 

Get into Business Directories:

Lot of business directories are available to get citations which improve your ranking also make your business visible to your searchers. Here I suggest some of the best directories list...

Get Rated Your Business:

Rating also help you to increase trust of your business. So try to get reviews and feedback from your customers via forms and social media