1. Paid Marketing

paid search is one of the best way to get more traffic for your website. Google and FB ads are
some of the best examples. Based on your keywords you should select your PPC (pay per click)
platform and determine your PPC budget.

2. Mobile Ads

Now a days mobile play a vital role in website traffic. Mobile search uses different ranking
algorithms. Reach your customers while they're on the go with ads on mobile devices.
Know more about mobile ads

3. Visual (Image & Video) Content

Posts with videos or images attract 3 times more inbound links than plain text posts. Even it
is a product site, most of the users like to purchase a product after watching a product video
only. Using high PR visual submission sites like Pinterest, Youtube, Google+,Facebook and
Twitter will help you to get more customers. Know the stats of visual content marketing here

4. Blogging with best content

Writing blog will increase your authority through content. It helps you to be the resource for
news in your industry which increase your visibility among people. Start with keyword-rich
topics with unique content and share your post through social networks. To make your blog SEO
friendly, Visit Here