21+ Ultimate Link Building Strategies For Your Website

Top Link Building Strategies for website
Link Building Strategies

Backlinks are the powerful social signals that boost your SERP and improve your brand recognition. A successful link building is a vital part of SEO in order to drive more traffic to your website. Lots of white hat techniques are available to gain high quality backlinks.

Here I suggest some important link building techniques which have great impact on search engine so you can increase your online presence as well as website traffic.

1. Relationships are King

Focus on niche related sites like forums, blogs or social groups in order to build good relationships. By creating a relationship with this community you can improve your trust also you can get lots of quality backlinks. Start contributes with the relevant comments and posts.

2. Image Submission

In user point of view, Sharing your photos online is the best way to convey your site's news, offer and updates. At the same time, sharing your images on high PR image submission sites gives you quality backlinks and referral traffic.

Find Dofollow Image Submission Sites

3. Reviews & Testimonials

Ask your customers for reviews via e-mail and feedback forms. Also, Lot of review sites are available on the web to ask people about their experience of using your products and services. Make use of it to build a potential traffic and to increase your trust. 

You can use this review in your snippet too. The most important factor is, you should reply for every negative review. So that only it won't affect your trust as well business.

4. Video Sharing

Video sharing sites are the best platform where you can impress and increase visitors instantly. This site will help you enhance your brand identity, referral traffic also earning. Perform keyword analysis, choose the correct one and add it to your title as well as a description. 

Tip: You can create amazing videos online with the help of free tools like Animator, Animoto, YouTube editor and so on.

Find High PR Video Submission Sites

5. Broken Link Building

Fine you are creating quality backlinks to your website. But sometimes that link may break. So you should focus on your broken links and rebuild that. Otherwise, you will get a penalty from search engines. Because, too many broken links will create a negative impact on a site. 

Remember the Penguin algorithm. Broken link building is the most effective white hat technique to create the right kind of links. But really it is hard to find the broken links.

6. Social Bookmarking

This method will help you save, organize and share your content among people who searching for your content. Bookmarking your articles, news and blog are the most powerful way for promoting your website. It will give you content exposure and boost your traffic and popularity. 

Tip: Try to use popular sites like Delicious, Stumbleupon, Reddit and So on.

Find Top Bookmarking Sites

7. Business Listing

Online promotion is the best part of marketing. But enhancing your blog or business online can sometimes be a challenge. Listing your business on Google My Business is the best way to increase your brand image as well as authority. 

Tip: Submit your business on some high authority business listing sites to enhance your business as well as to attract more customers.

Find High Authority Listing Sites

8. Guest Blogging

It is the best way to build exposure and credibility for your brand. Focus on your niche related blogs and websites that will accept to publish your article. The site should provide contextual links. 

To obtain a targeted traffic, your content must be original and unique, because poor content can bring bad reputation to your website.

Use the following footprints to find your niche related sites for guest blogging.

1. Keyword/CompetitorName + “guest blog”
2. Keyword/CompetitorName + “guest blogger”
3. Keyword/CompetitorName + “guest article”
4. Keyword/CompetitorName + guest post
5. Keyword/CompetitorName + guest author
6. Keyword/CompetitorName + “write for us”
7. Keyword/CompetitorName + “write for me”
8. Keyword/CompetitorName + “become a contributor”
9. Keyword/CompetitorName + inurl:category/guest
10. Keyword/CompetitorName + inurl:contributors
11. submit * post keyword
12. submit * guest post keyword
13. submit * blog post keyword
14. submit *article keyword
15. suggest *guest post keyword
16. write for us keyword
17. guest bloggers wanted keyword
18. guest posts wanted keyword

9. Profile Creation

It is not just a link building technique. It will increase your domain authority. Most of the sites allow you to add your link to your name. Do you know that the Search engine gives high value for those links.

List of profile creation Sites

10. Web 2.0

Web 2.0 Sites help you interact with your audience by sharing content. Blog post, social media sharing, web applications, wikis, file and visual content sharing are some examples of web 2.0 submissions. 

The web 2.0 sites include lots of useful and important features like search box, anchor links, author profile, tags and extensions to interact with the users. 

Tip: Blogger, Wordpress, Wix, Webs, Hubpages, Medium, Storify are some of the high authority sites which has great impact on sear engine rankings.

Find the Best Web 2.0 Sites

11. Infographics

You can share even a big story via infographics which attracts more people than other visual contents. Creating attractive and interesting graphic may take some time, but really it is worthful.

Tip: Use Visual.ly, slideshare, visualizing.org, Flickr, reddit.com (/r/infographic) for the best results.

12. Competitor Analysis

Perform a competitor analysis for your keywords and you may notice some common backlinks among them. Now it is your turn. Analyze these links and try to get links from them for your website. 

Tip: Lot of tools are available to perform a competitor research link Majestic, Ahrefs, Backlinkwatch and so on. My personal opinion is Majestc which is the best tool for competitor analysis.

13. Blog Commenting

Do you want fast improvement in your SERP? Then try Blog Commenting. You can feel the huge difference in a short period of time. It is one of the powerful methods to build relationships. 

Tip: The best way to succeed in blog commenting is, writing comments in a personal voice or in the form of inviting authors and other readers by asking questions. Try to build lots of ego backlinks as you can.

Footprints to find sites for blog commenting

1. “leave a comment” “powered by wordpress”
2. site:.gov “powered by wordpress”
3. site:.edu “powered by wordpress”
4. Keyword "powered by wordpress"
5. Keyword "powered by blogger"
6. Keyword "leave a comment"
7. Keyword "leave comment"
8. Keyword "reply to post"
9. Keyword "this site uses keywordluv"
10. Keyword "this site uses commentluv"
11. Keyword "powered by wordpress" site:.edu
12. Keyword "leave a comment" site:.edu
13. Keyword "reply to post" site:.edu
14. Keyword "blog"

14. Directory Submission

It is an ultimate method to increase your traffic and page rank. Submit your blog or website in high authority directory submission sites to improve your link popularity. 

It will spread your content among different search engine and directory. List your site in trustworthy directories like Dmoz.

15. Document Sharing

Document sharing sites are a good resource to get high quality backlinks. It allows you to share your content as a portable document in popular websites.

Tip: High PR sites like Slideshare will drive more traffic to your website also helps your online promotion.

16. Classified Ads

Classifieds sites are the supreme platform which allows you to place your ad freely. With the help of this, you can target the particular region of people easily. It is the best link building option for local businesses to increase their trust and popularity.

17. Social Media

Make your website and brand popular on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat and Google Plus. 

By Sharing your content via social media, you can get high quality backlinks and reach new users. Create strong profiles and try to attract lots of followers so that you can increase your popularity. 

There is a lot of tricks are available to help you become popular with these social media. If your content is Good, then people who follows you may build new backlinks for you.

18. Link Wheel Technique

The basic idea behind the link will is, multiple interconnected sites (sites link to each other) pointing the main site. It is the best strategy to create quality backlinks for your website. 

Consider a wheel, the middle portion of the wheel denotes your main site and the circular shape around the center portion denote sites link to each other. 

Tip: Some of the popular methods to execute the link wheel techniques are Guest posts, Web 2.0 Sites, Social Media and Article Submission.

19. RSS Feed Directories

Once you set up your account in RSS feed directories, you will get a free referral traffic for your blog lifelong. It will help you promote your blog at free of cost by taking your feeds automatically whenever there is a new content is updated. 

After submitting your RSS feed to these sites, your content gets spread over thousands of social media sites such as bookmarking and web 2.0 sites.

20. Link Bait

The strategy of creating viral content like breaking news, striking images, controversy, humor and educational material to make other website owners get link to it is called Link Baiting. 

With the help of this technique, you can drive more traffic to your website without any keyword searches for that page.  

It will increase number of inbound links which is an important factor for SERP improvement.

21. Wikipedia Dead Link Building

I often use this technique for my personal website because its really give me a high authority backlinks. 
  1. Search wiki articles with dead links related to your niche.
  2. Find the original source of that dead link with the help of Wayback Machine.
  3. Create that source again in your web 2.0 sites and replace the dead link with your new link.

22. Sky Scraper Technique

One of the best techniques among all. All credits go to Brian Dean only. You may know more about this technique. Find a great content related to your niche. Enhance that topic with more details, images, and sources.

For example, If you found the content like "50 Incredible Tourist Places in the World" you should create "101 Incredible Tourist Places in the World" with more information.
Hope you understand.!!

There are 3 steps to The Skyscraper Technique.

And Brian Dean explained all of them in this short-and-sweet video:

23. Email Outreach

Create a quality content and make it reach people via Email newsletters. But remember one thing, your content should give benefits to your readers.

Use powerful tools like Mailchimp for your Email outreach. Do not forget to add your social links on the bottom of your newsletters. It will help you increase your shares and followers.

  • Apart from these, you can ask for link exchanges in your Facebook Group. 
  • Try Press release by creating newsworthy content.
  •  Build backlinks with the reverse image search.

Final Words

Hey guys! there you have "23 link building strategies" Let me know which technique you enjoy most? Leave your valuable comments below in the comment section.

Thanks for reading! Happy Blogging..!!!


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    I have a question - What is the main difference between Profile creation and Web 2.0 ?