Advanced Link Wheel Technique [PRO Ideas]


Link Wheel Techniques

The basic idea behind the link wheel is, multiple interconnected sites (sites link to each other) pointing the main site. It is the best strategy to create quality backlinks for your website.

Consider a wheel, the middle portion of the wheel denotes your main site and the circular shape around the center portion denote sites link to each other.

Some of the popular methods to execute the link wheel techniques are Guest posts, Web 2.0 Sites, Social Media and Article Submission.

Let me explain graphically to make you understand the concept clearly.

Link Wheel

Benefits of Link Wheel:

          1. Google trust the link wheel techniques. So your site is 100% safe from google penalties.

          2. It allows you to share only quality content to readers.

          3. Link wheel is the best technique to increase your amount of traffic.

          4. It improves your SERP and overall search engine optimization.

          5. It is totally free. You can all the above benefits at free of cost.

Things You Should Keep in Mind:

Before going to do this technique, use should remember some important points which will lead you to get success.

Don't use the exact keywords as anchor text. Sometimes diversify your keywords or mix it up with related keywords and then use.

Don't create too much of links at once.

Don't use the same method (like web 2.0 only) for your entire link wheel. Try to use social media also.

Advanced Link Wheel Technique

How To Do?

Create some blogs and profiles in Web 2.0 Sites which should be linked to your main site.

Then bookmark each and every profile and your main site.

Similarly create relevant, unique and quality posts on those Blogs and web 2.0 sites, then bookmarking that too.

Also, submit an RSS feed of your web 2.0 sites into high PR RSS Feed Directories.

Hope you guys are satisfied with this post.

Everyone wants to improve their website traffic. For that, they use SEO and SMO. But when link wheel technique gives you both SEO and Social media traffic, why are you waiting for?

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