Top 21 Powerful SEO Tools to Improve Ranking in 2016


Every website should be user friendly as well as search engine friendly in that niche to reach the top position in SERP. Here, I suggest some of the free SEO tools which definitely can help you achieve that goal. 

SEO Tools

Every website owner should have the knowledge in adwords to enhance their business. The G00gle Adwords has two main features (i) Keyword Planner: Keywords are the most important part of every successful campaign. This tool allows you find the long tail keywords for your business with historic search volume and competition. You can create new keywords and adgroup ideas easily. (ii) Campaign Management: Allows you to create and manage a campaign. 

Keyword Planner

It is the most versatile search tool which allows users to check how frequently a specific keyword or phrase is searched on the web. You can search upto 5 keywords simultaneously. Also, it is used to perform both content marketing and brand monitoring. This tool has lots of features. For example, "Hot searches" option is used to find the top 40 searches of that day. "Also visited" and "also searched for" options show more search terms.

Woorank is the most important and useful website analysis tools. It analyzes your website's SEO friendliness and explain around 50 criteria about your website with free of charge. It gives a score to your website on a 100 point scale based on SEO friendly features. And even you don't need to register on it to use its basic features.

It analyzes your website performance and handles with your site's speed and mobilization issues. Based on your desktop and mobile friendliness it gives you score on a scale of 0 to 100. This tool not only highlights the errors also provide the solutions to fix those issues. It tells what issues needs to be fixed and how you can fix it. But the solution doesn't work all the time.

Page Speed Insights

Analytics has lots of features. Mainly it collects the data about your website's traffic. For example, location, language, browser, and device details of your visitors. After collecting the data it provides the report in both graph manners as well as text manner. Other than traffic you can see your campaign activity, Goal activity, etc. It is the best tool to increase your traffic. There are both free and paid versions are available in Google Analytics. You can use the basic features with free of cost.

6. Browseo 

It is a very easy tool to use. It says how search engines view your website as well as provide some more details about various elements like server response, Meta tags, and etc. In some cases, useful information of web pages may not be visible to search engine. So this tool will help you resolve that issue. You can compare the search engine view and original view to avoid such issues. Not only auditing you can use this tool for troubleshooting. “Check for fraud” option in the right column will help you avoid cloaking attempt.

Ahref is the best backlinks checker tool. It gives an overview of your website, including Referring Pages, Referring domains, Subnets, IPs, and Total Backlinks. The backlink report is very easy to understand because it gives information in category wise such as External, new/lost, Anchors, and Pages. You can download these data in the premium version. You can use this tool for competitive analysis. This tool allows you to check your competitor's performance for your keyword.

ahrefs dashboard

It is a free duplicate content detection tool. Google updates penalize the sites which contain Plagiarism contents so it may push down your site visibility from search results. This tool checks each and every sentence of your website's content and gives an accurate result.

It is a Great tool which improves your social activity. And you can manage all your social networks under one dashboard. You can connect all your social accounts together (like DB, twitter, etc.) and schedule your post at anytime you want. But with the free version, you can schedule only 10 posts at a time.

10. MOZ

Moz has a lot of inbuilt tools to improve your website's growth. Such as (i) On-site Explorer: Analyze and report about your competitor and backlink research. (ii)Followerwonk:It analyzes your twitter account and help to increase your social growth. (iii) MozBar: Analyze your page elements and SERP results (iv) Moz Local: You can check your business listings on Google.

This tool alerts you when new backlinks are created for your website as soon as they are discovered. Link alerts set up is very easy and you can interconnect this with Google Analytics, Statcounter and Sistrix for your traffic measurement. Create your account and get notified by e-mail when new links are found.

Cognitive SEO is a link management tool which contains 4 major segments. (i) Inbound Link Analysis: Categorize your backlinks as Analyzed Links, Live Links, Lost Links, Redirect Links, text links, image links and etc. (ii) link management: It tracks your links and notify when your links become broken. (iii) Rank tracking: deals with your Search engine rankings with your targeted keywords as well as competitor's keywords

13.  Removeem

It is the powerful backlink tool. Sometimes you may get spammy backlinks for your website. You have to remove that as soon as possible. But you can't check the links one by one. Remove'em does that for you. It uses strong algorithm to provide you an accurate result. It offers two choices (i) Self Service which is cheaper and (ii) full service are little more expensive.

It is the best website auditing tool and similar to browseo. It crawls your entire website's content such as images, text, css in an SEO prospective and tells you how search engine see your website when it crawls a website. you can install it in your PC and analyze your website elements easily.

It is the easiest way to create a schema micro data. If you don't know which type of schema markup tag are helpful for your business? This tool tells you how to create the appropriate markup tags.

Google's free tool for testing and validating your structured data. It supports microdata, RDFa, RDFa Lite and JSON-LD. You can give the input directly or else you can use the existing URL. It tells how your snippets will appear in search results as well as Highlights the syntax problem in your Html code.

Structured Data Testing

This one tool consists of lots of free web based seo tools. You can find tools to perform keyword suggestion, robots.txt file generation, Meta Tag Generator, Link Suggestion, Keyword Density Analyzer, Ad Group Generator, and Spider Test Tool

This tool helps you check your HTML code for errors. You can validate your code by uploading a file or using the direct input method. This tool provides the report in multiple formats such as with recommendations, as an outline and more. The report format, "with recommendations" help you fix your errors.

W3c validator

You may use lots of SEO techniques to improve your rankings, traffic and business. But if you forget to follow the google updates and guidelines you may lose everything. This tool is one of the most important ones which track Google algorithm changes. It denotes the results in color format (Generally use Red, Yello and Green). If it denotes red, Huge algorithm change is undergoing so that you should aware of the next update.

As the name says, this tool, archived your web pages. If you updated your website's code or content and want to change it as previous session? Sometimes you may forget that what codes or content you have changed. So this Wayback machine helps you find out previous versions of your website. Also, this tool helps you fix your website's broken links.

This one helps you tweet with more than 140 characters. It allows us to tweet in two forms (i) Text: post your tweet as chunks of tweets (ii) Image: Post your full tweet as a single image which is good to view.

Apart from this, lots of free and useful tools are available to increase your SERP. For example, you can use Uber suggest or SEM Rush Tools for Keyword Research and Backlink Watch tool to analyze your website backlinks. Share your suggestions too in the comment session below... 


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